Although Pakistan and Ukraine were enjoying good relations from the last seventeen years but bilateral relationship needs to be more strengthening. Being the part of this newly Pak-Ukraine Trade Cultural & Education Information Center I truly believe that this cultural and information center will set an another benchmark in enhancing the peace, prosperity and harmonize economic & cultural activities between Pakistan & Ukraine. I am quite confident that both countries have lot of potential & we can enhance socio economic development by having joint ventures, this will boost-up bilateral trade between the two countries.

Pak-Ukraine Trade Culture & Education Centre will put all efforts not only to develop awareness in the trade sector of Pakistan about the lucrative business and trade opportunities waiting to be explored in Pakistan and Ukraine but we can be a reliable source pertinent to cultural, geographical, economical & education sector.

I sincerely believe that Pakistan and Ukraine have great potential and those potentials must be utilized by the business community of both the countries. It will not only enable us to strengthen the trade ties and provide window of unlimited opportunities between the business entities of both the countries. Pak–Ukraine Trade Culture & Education Centre will further focus to provide way & means to the Pakistani student to complete their higher education in well recognized universities of Ukraine.

I am thankful to you for your heartiest facilitation for constituting the Pak–Ukraine Trade Culture & Education Centre under the kind patronage of Embassy of Ukraine.

We welcome to the Business community, top educational units to help in making positive relations between Ukraine and Pakistan through progressive programs, activities, grants, and internships, Sustaining sponsorships, memberships, and program participation.

Look forward to making the Pakistan’s relationship with Ukraine even stronger.


Mr. Wasim Khokhar
Pak Ukraine – Trade Culture & Education Centre



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