Pak-Ukraine Trade, Culture, & Education Information Centre Islamabad – Pakistan is established under the patronage of H.E Mr. Ihor Pasco Ambassador of Ukraine, with an ambition to Give the high priority in developing new business relations between Ukraine and Pakistan, there are a lot of new business opportunities to explore between both countries. As new high tech projects are being developed and former obstacles to trade are being removed, both countries are poised to develop new opportunities for trade and commerce.

The main purpose of establishing Pak-Ukraine Trade & Culture Information Centre is to strengthen business of Commercial and industrial Sector and to help improve cultural relations between the two countries. Further we aim to encourage, Guide & Facilitate Pakistani students for their higher Education in Ukraine. Pak-Ukraine Trade & Culture Information Centre is endeavoring and giving all-out efforts to develop awareness in the trade sector of Pakistan about the lucrative business and trade opportunities waiting to be explored in Pakistan and Ukraine.

Ukraine, an East European country bordering Russia, Poland and Hungary, gained independence in 1991 as the 2nd largest country in Europe. Since 2000, the country has enjoyed steady real economic growth averaging about seven percent annually.

Ukraine has an established multi-sector, developed industry covering some 20 major industries, including power generation, fuels, ferrous and non-ferrous extraction and processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, gas, machine-building, metal-working, forestry, woodworking, pulp & paper, building materials, light industry. Pakistan has great potential in various fields and joining hands with Ukraine will be mutually beneficial for both the countries. The close cooperation in the energy sector, ferrous & non–ferrous materials, steel and steel products, machineries, Vehicles, Chemicals and other fields are main areas of concentration for both the nations. 

Pak–Ukraine Trade & Culture Information Centre is aiming to serve as a dependable source of information pertinent to cultural, geographical, and economical and any other information which is significant in the row and provide a unique Launching- Pad for the business community of both the countries.

This Center has been an important hub of activity and a meeting place for networking, scholarship, publishing, and idea exchange among business, investment, economic development, education, health care, and environment.

Look forward to making the Pakistan’s relationship with Ukraine even stronger.


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